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CRPS UK is your online
community for sharing of
information and support
for Complex Regional
Pain Syndrome.

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The Unknown


CRPS can strike anyone
at any age, at any time,
and affects men,
women and children.

Coping with CRPS


Coping with CRPS


You are not alone in your
struggle with CRPS,
because with us,
you are with family.

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Living with CRPS pain


Living with Pain

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We will be hosting quarterly
blogs by Professor Candy
McCabe and we are also
planning a series of guest

Your Community for Sharing and Understanding

Welcome to CRPS UK. We are a patient led organisation for people with CRPS. To find out more about us please click here.


‘It is with great pleasure and excitement that we, the co-founders & the rest of the team at CRPS UK, can tell you that we are now a registered charity!!’


We are overwhelmed and very proud to be the first CRPS charity in the UK. A lot of hard work has been put in to get here and we would like to thank every single person who has been involved with us over the years.

CRPS UK grew from the “CRPS at the Min” support group at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath (The RNHRD, colloquially known as the Mineral Water Hospital, or The Min). Seeking to unite people with this uncommon condition, its founders created a discussion forum. In 2011 the group decided to extend its reach beyond patients at the RNHRD and CRPS UK was formed.

CRPS UK has an active Facebook support group called CRPS UK – Living with Pain talking about anything and everything to do with CRPS. Amongst other things we celebrate, commiserate and problem solve together. It can be found here: This a closed group, but we endeavour to start a Facebook page for all in the near future. Alternatively please email to be signed up for our newsletter.

CRPS UK is focused on helping people with CRPS to live the best lives they can. We aim to do this by providing a supportive environment in which people can find out about CRPS and get in touch with a community of people who know what they are going through.

Specialist treatment can be the key to lessening the impact of CRPS and helping people with CRPS to live rich and fulfilling lives. We are working with specialist treatment centres to provide a grant scheme for patients with CRPS who are experiencing financial difficulty, to help them to afford travel expenses to and from hospital. This will ensure that they can access the treatment they need. This is initially just for patients being treated at the RNHRD/RUH.

Going forward we also aim to improve research, diagnosis and treatment of CRPS. We will be promoting awareness and education about CRPS in primary health care, which should lead to more patients receiving timely diagnosis and intervention.