15th October 2017 all-day

Tim Wandram is running the Leicester Marathon for CRPS UK. He says:

I am running the Leicester Marathon on 15th October 2017 to push myself to the end of my absolute limits and achieve the once seemingly impossible. From 21 stone and getting out of breath going up the stairs in Summer 2016 my life had to change. To quote Mandy, I couldn’t run for a bus before!

Then last summer a friend inspired me to join Slimming World and then encouraged me to start running. Luckily she has also kept patched me up, and fit, along the way!

It sort of all went from there.  Luckily I have been blessed with an amazing wife, children and friends who have supported me on my journey as well. Especially Mandy who has had to endure my talk of split times and the best routes to run on, even though she doesnt share my newly discovered passion of running!

Even as I write this now in late May, when every long run breaks my previous distance record, this feels like the ultimate (seemingly impossible?) challenge. I’m not a runner. I’m just someone who started to run…

So why Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?  CRPS is a painful neurological condition that has no cure.  The same friend who made such a difference in motivating me to change my life has had her life affected by CRPS. I have seen the impact it can have on life, how little well known it is and how little is understood about the condition. How it can happen to anyone after injury.  But also like most things in life, with a positive outlook, with some specialist care, physically and emotionally it can be something that does not beat you.

I appreciate any donation, however small, in helping me to achieve my goals.

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