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CRPS UK is focused on helping people with CRPS. One way we aim to do this is by providing a supportive environment in which people can find out about CRPS and get in touch with a community of people who know what they are going through.

Seeking legal advice in relation to CRPS

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CRPS Mums – Facebook Forum

CRPS Mums was originally set up by a lady named Trina, with approx 6 Mums. They now have just under 300 members around the world. Trina left the group to study, and it was taken over by another CRPS mum, Louise Duffy, and one other admin. It is a haven for Mums who find the symptoms of CRPS go against all their natural instincts. The group has been built on knowledge, experience, positivity and is a respectful and safe place to seek support. All new members are monitored. All original Mums are still in the group even though most of their children are now pain free. They still support new Mums at the start of their CRPS journeys. Crps Mums is a little rainbow in a Mother’s difficult journey of rainstorms while dealing with CRPS. If you would like to join the group please click

CRPS Network UK

The CRPS UK Clinical Research Network is made up of clinicians and researchers interested in CRPS. In 2008 they created the CRPS UK registry database to facilitate epidemiology studies, academic and pharmaceutical clinical trials.



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